Gmail Users Will Soon Add Features From Inbox Service To Gmail

Google is reportedly working on adding features from its Inbox service to the more popular Gmail, as the email service is shutting down by the end of March 2019.

In a screenshot shared by a Reddit user, an internal version of Gmail appears laced with features from Inbox, such as pins, reminders, and category bundles. The new Gmail is scheduled to debut at the upcoming Google I/O 2019.

Inbox by Gmail was launched in 2014 and ran alongside Gmail. The service attempted to reform emailing with features such as snoozing, bundling, and so on. However, late last year, the company announced that it is shutting down Inbox.To help Inbox loyalists feel less upset over the service going away, the company is integrating some of the loved features to the existing Gmail.

Google is reportedly testing a set of new inbox features like pinned messages, reminders and category bundles for the new Gmail for Android.

“If this screenshot is reliable, Google is working on reminders that users are able to quickly create and schedule along with the ability to only show pinned items in the feed,” the report said. Google rolled out the big redesign of Gmail last year and added several new features including Smart Reply, email snoozing, follow-up Nudges and hover actions as well as the recent inline attachments and images on Android. “According to the redditor, ‘there is still plenty of work to be done’. Meanwhile, this screenshot apparently represents only one of the ‘different design iterations’ being worked on, and that it’s still ‘very early,'” the report added.

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